Galbadia Missile Base – Final Fantasy VIII Guide

Drive the Galbadian Army vehicle to Galbadia Missile Base (west of Galbadia D-District Prison). At this point, you might also want to consider returning to

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Part 9 Galbadia Missile Base

This time we are visiting Galbadia Missile Base
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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VIII (#15) – Missile Base / Self Destruction

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In this episode we chill out in a missile base that plays porn music over the PA system, Selphie is awesome, and we try to sabotage Galbadia’s attempts to destroy Trabia and Balamb.


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Final Fantasy VIII (8) is the eighth mainline entry in the Final Fantasy series. This year marks the game’s 25th anniversary and what better way to celebrate my favorite Final Fantasy than with a full let’s play of the game? FF8 is a JRPG which most closely resembles Final Fantasy VII (7) namely in that both games feature pre-rendered background environments, heavy uses of CG cutscenes, and fully rendered 3d models. Unlike FF7, FF8 uses realistically proportioned characters. A more dramatic departure from previous Final Fantasy titles comes in the form of the draw and junction systems whereby individual charges of spells must be extracted from enemies, and can be ‘equipped’ to certain stats to provide stat bonuses. Many people have criticized the game for the tedium of the draw system and the convolutedness of junctioning, but I believe drawing to be far less tedious than traditional JRPG grinding, and the junction system is far less convoluted than it’s made out to be. Junctioning serves as the game’s mechanical backbone, and through proper use of this system the game can be broken wide open. Step back into the golden age of gaming with our cutting-edge online Spectrum emulator! Play your favorite classic titles right in your browser.

Final Fantasy VIII also features everybody’s favorite Final Fantasy mini-game/collectible card game: Triple Triad!

This playthrough aims to explore in-depth all of the game’s systems including various ways to utilize Guardian Forces, Triple Triad, and Junctioning to break the game. While this will not be a 100% completion walkthrough of the game, I will be showing off an enormous amount of what FF8 has to offer in this playthrough. Additionally, this playthrough will feature the collection of every single Guardian Force.

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FF8 Remastered – Galbadia Missile Base Walkthrough (4K60FPS!)

Episode 18 – In this Episode, Selphie and her team take on the Galbadia Missile Base. In the base, we have to sneak past the guards, get to the Control Panel to set the missile Error Ratio to max, then beat the BGH251F2 Battle Tank Boss. Its metal, so just use Quezacotl and Thunder.

In this area, you can also get another SeeD rank if you do it right. Whenever a guard talks to you, always play it cool. Once you hit the self destruct button to the base, set the timer to 10 minutes and kill the Tank before time runs out. If you do both of those, you will get a SeeD Rank for each, so your rank will go up 2. I went from 10 to 12 doing this.

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